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Great things about night life in Berlin

If you ever play the role of a tourist in a different country, or better, in a country on a different continent, then you will experience the difference in culture right away. Not everyone enjoys the things people in your country do and they might even find it resentful, but that is what makes us so amazing as a humanity. So the advice is to be open and see what you might like and actually do that, but things that seem unattractive to you, should not be something you make yourself try or do.


What about Berlin?

As the center of culture, art and all the administrative and political aspects of Germany, Berlin is one of the most diverse and interesting cities in Europe. Not only does it have millions of people living there, but there are dozens of different nationalities, cultures and traditions coming together in such a small space. So you can only imagine what impact it has on the life there, but the real impact it has, is on the nightlife, because that is something much more interesting for us. You will find hookah and shisha bars all over the place and in most clubs and many pubs. It is a nice thing to try out if you never have, but the music will amaze you.


Places like Madame Jasmine and other clubs have live music almost every night with local, but also international bands and musicians playing. The really interesting thing is that there are bands that own their own pub or club where they play every single night and amaze the crowd with new music, but also covers of popular songs. The new and fun drinks are also something to look forward to, especially the cocktails that are somewhat different from those that you are used to.

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